AKW Global Enterprises partners with companies and agencies to deliver high-level strategic insight, leadership consultation and detailed planning. AKW Global has been a key provider of strategic oversight and tactical output for various national and international government and military exercises including DETERMINED DRAGON, TRIPLE PLAY, ARDENT SENTRY and TRANSGUARD 1.

We have national standing offers with the Government of Canada, Public Safety Canada, The Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Space Agency, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Department of National Defence, and Canada's Centre for Security Science among other municipal and federal agencies.

We recently won a standing offer arrangement (SOA) from the Canadian International Development Agency's Afghanistan Pakistan Task Force, and will be participating in Op NANOOK in Summer 2011.
AKW Global and Allan Joyner Productions work together to bring groundbreaking media simulation and high quality strategic feedback to national and international exercises.   Merging breakthrough technologies and targeted planning, AKW Global provides business-to-consumer services to
AUG Signals.
Fisherbill and AKW Global collaborate on projects to bring emerging technology and innovations to new markets through business-to-business consultations and key partnerships.   Providing start-to-finish strategic branding and communications, Lampo and AKW Global take clients from initial planning through design and implementation to deliver complete visioning.
AKW Global and MaxSys/Spirit work to bring experienced consultants and subject matter experts to positions in government and industry through careful screening of our broad networks. Together, we have national standing offers in many government departments and agencies.      
Our work with corporate clients spans many industries, but they all have one thing in common: the need for a strategic partnership to help them achieve their goals. AKW Global's flexibility and versatility ensures that each client receives tailored expertise and personalized solutions.